Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tuesday morning, very early

Yes, it's way too early. Yes, I will be going back to bed as soon as I start feeling sleepy. I came down partly to take some pain killers as my back is aching badly between the shoulder blades. I do know why: yesterday I dried my hair using a different hairdryer and had to hold it at a very different angle and when I had finished, ouch!

Yesterday was a most satisfying day. I left for home and stopped off at Bickerdikes, just five minutes away from my parents' house. I had a jolly good wander around but didn't see any plants that took my fancy. In the shop, however, they had a lovely little barbecue, really only big enough for one or two people, three at a real push. It also wasn't in any way overly expensive. There was a choice of three different lid colours - black, blue and green. I went for the green to match the fence (!) but there weren't any boxed ones with green lids so the assistant let me take the display model ( which was perfect so, sadly, no money off). The big plus with that was that I don't have the fiddly task of assembling it.

So I got home (very easy, trouble free journey), made and ate lunch and then set to in the garden. The beds were bone dry so before I did any planting I gave them a jolly good watering. I cut back the sage, weeded, planted, re-watered, went round the front, cut back the lavender bush and decided that it might very well do one more year, tidied up all the trimmings (missed the brown bin collection, drat, drat, drat) and then watered the beds again, by which time it had started to rain anyway. The middle bed doesn't now look as good as it did a month ago, with the lavender gone and the sage cut back, but it will, once the geraniums, etc fill out.
I was going to dry the sage, but there's so much left in the garden there just doesn't seem to be any point really so all the cuttings ended up in the bin. Ditto for my own lavender - I really should have cut it just before the end of term and didn't have time then, so all of yesterday's trimmings got ditched.

Then it was back indoors where I spread out the lavender from Saturday and bunched and bagged it for drying. It's now all hanging from the towel rail in my bedroom for a fortnight. Then I put together the other barbecue, the one I got from Tescos on Sunday morning - kind of fiddly and, as usual, most inadequate instructions.
By then it was dinner time and the korma went down a treat!

So a lot achieved at the start of the holiday and today I need to tackle the house and restore it to something approaching a reasonable condition to match the garden.

And now the back is starting to ease off a bit, thank goodness! :0)
Photos: Other snaps taken at the lavender farm, apart from lavender fields. The one at the top is from the long strip of sunflowers that sat side by side with the lavender rows.
A close up! There are such wonderful patterns in nature, aren't there?
Inside the barn where we had a very refreshing cuppa - well three actually, as each of us had a pot of tea.
This beauty was for sale at the shop. No, I didn't buy him, but isn't he lovely?

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