Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday evening . . .

. . . and it's been another very pleasant and relaxing day. This morning was spent meandering around the Baldock Tesco, a super big store, where I got sundry household things, a barbecue (needed for the family get together in a fortnight - ye gods, is that that soon) and - don't laugh now - a hula hoop! Well, it's brilliant exercise, I can do it indoors and I used to be really good at it. And it only cost a couple of pounds!! And (for Alison) it's pink and shiny!!!

The afternoon was spent with Dad, him showing me how to refill ink cartridges and where to get the refill kits from. Slightly messy at times but, on looking at the web site, I see they sell gloves. Having seen Dad in action I can understand why! Anyway, I'm going to try this. I get through such a lot of ink what with school stuff as well as personal stuff and to refill takes at most a couple of pounds.

We chatted about my hearing aids too. You might possibly remember that during half term my right aid just stopped working. Total panic until I found an old behind the ear analogue aid that worked once I'd bought a battery. Without my aids I am seriously isolated and it was a severe shock when one just 'went' so suddenly. Anyway, he has put me in touch with the company that provide him and Mum with their aids (it is a family disability, but Mum's is just age related) and I am hoping that before I go away on holiday something will be sorted. So kind.

I've posted in the other blog about the vegetables for dinner. Carrots, broad beans and runner beans, all of which were alive and kicking an hour ago. It's all smelling wonderful and I thank Dad for being such a wonderful gardener.

Home tomorrow morning, but it's been a good couple of days one way and another.
And - AND - it will be Monday and NO SCHOOL!! Can life hold more?

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