Saturday, 31 July 2010

Saturday morning

I really got caught out last night! The soil was so dry I decided to give the beds at the back a jolly good watering (the front has to fend for itself). Having done that (it took ages), I came in and settled in from of the PC. One of the disadvantages (and advantages) of being an old deffie is that one doesn't always catch environmental sounds. As a result, later on I went to close the French window prior to going to bed to find that the carpet there was wet! It had been raining and pretty hard too, by the looks of it. And it's started raining again. I really cannot complain; the soil does need a more prolonged soaking than I can properly give it and I really should have known. Last time I gave the beds a thorough watering it rained shortly afterwards too.

I'm going out yet again today. Not content with having lunch at the Flyer with Lara yesterday, today I have been invited to have lunch at Izumi, a Chinese buffet restaurant, with the family I mentioned in earlier blogs, that is moving away from the area soon. I was asked if I would like to go with them a while ago and regretfully declined the invite as their little lad was in my class and it didn't feel entirely 'professional'. However, it's quite different now and I was delighted to accept. It's in Maldon, so a pleasant drive to get there and back again.

Apart from that, I really do have to work on getting the template for the new theme planning created, both for me and for Lara (they will be slightly different, of course, just to make life awkward). And I have just uttered something naughty on remembering that I have left the first week's planning at school. Hopefully I can find it on my own PC - it ought to be there, somewhere. And I need to look at my menu for next weekend and see what I can make in advance. There's already a box of choc cookies in the freezer (out of temptation's way). I will make some more oatcakes (probably half quantities as I was to experiment a bit) and I wonder if there's a recipe for cream crackers anywhere . . .

Photo: from Dad's garden.

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