Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saturday morning

I seem to have got away with it! Recently I've abandoned the 'weigh infrequently' rule because one can do a simple test on the Wii before training, so I do. I don't entirely trust the numbers - my own scales weigh heavier - but I do go with the overall trend and I've stayed the same, despite Thursday evening's little 'blip'. Phew. I always have the feeling that one evening's indulgence will result in my best puffer fish imitation for the next four or five days so it's a relief that the impact seems to be minimal.

When I arrived at Melbourne Park yesterday and walked towards the picnic group, what seemed like hundreds of children all yelled 'It's Mrs Clark' and tried to knock me off my feet. OK, slight exaggeration there: there were about four or five children from my class and maybe about eight from other classes and they all game running to give me a big hug. While it was lovely to feel so welcomed, it did mean that my arrival was most conspicuous!! Shame I was a bit late really!

For the remainder of the day I slept, did some washing and ironing, slept, watched rubbish TV, slept, did some Wii and then slept well all night. Typical for the start of a holiday; everything is punctuated by sleep.

This afternoon, Dad tells me that we're going out, somewhere local, nice cup of tea and cake involved (hopefully I can say no to the cake) and to make sure I have my credit card with me. I have no idea where, I guessed a garden party but no. Maybe it's a garden centre . . . that would be fun!
And then in the evening we're out to their local Chinese restaurant, a very nice place with delicious food. I think that restraint will be cast aside rather, just for that meal. Their Singapore rice noodles are to die for!
So that's today! Second day of the holiday.

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