Thursday, 22 July 2010


The school year is ended, all bar the retirement party for Liz tonight and some tidying up and sorting out during the holidays.
After yesterday's wonderful gesture from the parents, I was most taken aback to receive numerous little gifts from my children today - plants, candle, wine (quite a lot - yay) choccies (ooops, oh dear) and so on, plus cards with wonderful messages that show me that I haven't quite been a waste of space this year.

I'm going to type in what one mum wrote to me because it's just so kind and encouraging and, after all, this is my diary.

To Mrs Clark,
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher for [child's name]. He has developed in so many areas this past year and I am proud of his academic achievements. Perhaps more importantly to me is how I have seen his confidence as a little boy grow. He is so secure and content in his school surroundings and this is down to you, so thank you for nurturing him and giving him the self-assurance that is growing all the time.
I hope you know how valued and treasured you are.
All my thanks.

And this, from a leaving year six lad who has been rather special to me ever since I had him in year 1.

Dear Mrs Clark
This year I have progressed extraordinarily in recorder because of the lessons you have given me. Thank you so much.
See you!

Now, while I am sure that I have taught him as well as I am able, the above isn't quite true. He has made such great progress (and he HAS made great progress) because he is a gifted young man and a musician to his very finger tips. You can't make a silk purse without having the raw material to work on, can you? It's lovely that he feels that my input has made a difference though - that's what I went in to teaching to do and it's good when there is success.

And maybe, some time tomorrow, I will go for a meander in Debenhams and start thinking what I can spend my voucher on.

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