Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday morning

I'm sure the mornings are getting darker. A few weeks ago, when I woke (which is usually around four)it was quite bright, but the summer is drawing on and it's not darker at the same time. It will be autumn before we know where we are! Or maybe the answer is to sleep for longer - if anyone has the secret, please do share it with me.

I didn't manage to 'do' the freezer yesterday so that's another thing to add to the holiday job list. I did manage to sort out a lot of mess in the kitchen and, of course, the washing is all done and dried. Apart from that, I pottered most of the day and very nice it was too.

Today? Well, this afternoon we have the official 'meet your new teacher' half hour which always seems to drag past and feel an awful lot more like an hour than half an hour. I don't think there's anything else. So this morning I'm going to get my little dears to write a letter to Sarah telling her about themselves. Then there's assembly (and I hope I don't have to take it), then some maths. This afternoon, after Petrina has gone, they're making butterflies for her! She likes butterflies, I have been told.
So all in all, a somewhat bitty day.

The food for today is on the new blog!

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