Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday morning, very early

. . . because habits die hard.

Home this morning and then I have to make some choices. At the moment I think I will pootle straight home and set to work on the garden, weather permitting. The lavender will be bagged and hung up to dry and the house will be aired thoroughly. If I get everything on my list done, I will be very pleased indeed.

On the way home, I want to stop off at Bickerdikes. This is a rather good (not cheap though) garden centre close to Mum and Dad's and it's such a lovely place, it's a pleasure to meander around it. There's still a few gaps in the back garden beds, caused by the removal of the lavender and the perennial wallflowers, so I might get a few things, if I see anything. Not being anything like a proper gardener, it'll be rather pot luck.

I bought a couple of little Good Food cookery books yesterday. It's daft, because I have so many and really don't need any more, but when did 'need' come into purchases like that? There are some super recipes inside and when I have depleted the freezer, I will be cooking some of them, probably halving amounts and freezing one portion. Watch this space.

Just thought of something else I will be doing - uploading the photos I've taken! Then I can bore my gentle readers with view after view of lavender fields, etc.

Post script: I realised I'd posted this on the wrong blog and it's taken me ages to work out how to copy and paste it over here. Dad's settings aren't the same as mine - grrrr.

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