Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday morning

Yesterday was weird. The car went in for its full service and MOT accompanied by a list of niggles about it as long as your arm. At about 2:00 the garage phoned to tell me what needed doing and I phoned them at 4:30-ish to ask if it was ready, which it was - so why hadn't they phoned earlier to tell me? The niggles were mostly sorted out easily, the car failed on emissions (spelling?) so that was sorted, the engine sounds a lot healthier, the air con is now working . . . the only thing not sorted is the temperature gauge. For a while now the needle seems to go up to red very quickly and it's worrying. They agreed that it shouldn't be happening but said that the engine is definitely not overheating in any way (phew) and that the fan (or whatever it's called) is coming on appropriately so the problem is probably the dial. They're going to let me know how much it will cost to replace it and if it's reasonable then I will. I hate driving in stop-start traffic with one eye on that little patch of red, wondering if . . .

And now it's been road taxed too - very easy online - so all is fine, dandy and legal - legal is important for peace of mind. Expensive too, but as I was expecting it to be a lot more, it feels like I have spare cash. More for the holiday!!

Sitting in DDs house was the weird bit, worrying about the car and minding DG who really didn't need minding all that much most of the time, although sometimes he does and he can't be left alone. Yesterday he was very busy on his laptop and, apart from taking Theo out for his daily constitutional, that's what he did most of the morning. I'd have been maybe a bit concerned if I didn't know that he was out the day before and will be out today.
So there wasn't a lot to do but read (which was nice) and what with worrying, etc, by the time I got home I was feeling a bit vulnerable and had a food blip. The steak and chips would have been OK if it hadn't been for the red wine, the chocolate (which I don't normally eat much of, not being addicted to it) and the cashews (which I AM addicted to). Darn it!!!

To my disgust, DD has a new PC and it's faster and smoother than mine. This is NOT FAIR!!! Because of that, I had to reinstall FirstClass, which is an awful lot easier than it used to be. However, the spell checker was checking each and every word: I know there's something I have to do to link it to a word bank but I'm not sure what! Anyone reading this who know, please do tell me!

Photo - more of the same.

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