Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday morning . . .

. . . and the holiday has officially started. Five long weeks (plus a few days) of freedom. Five weeks to get the house sorted again, sort out the classroom, get going with the new planning and generally chill out. In all this hot weather I haven't really had the time to sit out in the garden and relax, so I am looking forward very much to doing that. It's going to be good, gentle reader, it's going to be fantastic.

So, what's on today?

Well, I do have to deal with the kitchen as a matter of urgency. It's at the point where I can't really get going with my breakfast because there's no room, what with the bunches of flowers sitting in containers waiting to be sorted and displayed. That will be done when I finish this. The final count was six of various sizes.

Then I will Wii for a while - I need to work off some of yesterday evening's indulgences. It was a super evening but I ate too much and drank a little more than I had intended. I feel OK, just a bit stuffed still. However, experience tells me that to not eat breakfast would be a disaster in the making to I'm ruling a line under it and today is a new day!

Then it's getting ready for lunch. A local family is moving and a friend is holding a surprise picnic in Melbourne park for them. All they know is that the two families are having a picnic. They don't know about the other. They also don't know about this blog or I wouldn't be writing about it now!! the little boy is in my class - was, I suppose, now, and I was pleased to be asked along.

After that I have a decision to make, depending on how I feel. I could go into town and look round Debenhams to see how I could spend my voucher. I could go swimming. I could (and this is most likely) come home again and have a kip! Decisions, decisions!

I can't quite believe it - five weeks . . . bliss!

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