Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wednesday morning.

I do feel an awful lot better after a great night's sleep. After a downpour yesterday morning, the humidity was horrendous, but come the evening it all seemed to settle and cool down to the extent that it was actually comfortable sleeping under the quilt. Utter bliss! It still feels coolish: I have both french doors open and am enjoying the freshness as I type.

This afternoon I am out of class to observe a geography lesson in year 6. Given that while I might know a bit about teaching generally, I know less about year 6 and their geography curriculum, it should be an interesting experience all round. It's all part of my geography coordinator's management role!
It should actually be an interesting lesson. Year 6 is off on their residential visit next week and this will include an awful lot of geographical field work. It will also get them out of our hair for a week, which will be a relief. They've 'moved on' now, all but in body, they see no point in doing much work (fair enough - I feel the same), they've had their school inductions, their minds are on secondary education now (when it's on education at all).

I'm hoping Mick will finish the fence today. He'd done all the tricky bits - taking the panels off around the shed and doing the hard to get at bits. It looks plain sailing now and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished, even if I'm not looking forward to receiving the bill afterwards! I'm hoping that, with the new colour, the shed will sink into the background a bit more. When I chose that particular shed (pre-extension), the garden was longer and the shed further away. It's now rather 'in-yer-face' so anything that reduces its impact is going to be good.

Food today:
B: Muesli, grapes, yogurt
L: smoked salmon pate, ryvita, plums
D: turkey escalopes with chestnut mushrooms and sherry, broccoli and new potatoes; mango and grapes
Sn: apple, almonds, cashews
And lots and lots of water.

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