Thursday, 24 June 2010

Thursday morning

Today is going to be one of those non-days that occur every now and again, I suspect. We'll be busy but not a lot will get done.

First of all we (Liz and I) are taking both classes out for athletics (aka sports day practice). That will take us up to assembly. After assembly its getting changed and fruit. After playtime most will be finishing off their literacy and those who have finished will be permitted to go along to the ICT room where Petrina will rule! After dinner it's another rehearsal for tomorrow's show, with Liz's class taking the lead roles and mine being backing singers. And that's the day gone, more or less!!

As you can see in the photo, my last remaining perennial wallflower has reached the end of its life, being now way too long, lanky and woody for any claim to beauty. They've been wonderful, so I've done a search and ordered two replacement plants at what seems to be a horrific cost. I'm hoping they will arrive fairly soon so I can get them in and started off, in the same place. I've had four or five years of beauty from the three that were originally planted; the other two came out earlier this year as they weren't sending up any flowers worth speaking of. I looked up pruning and so on and the advice seems to be that you really can't and it's best to replace. so I am.

The food stuff today is:
B: fresh fruit platter. It should also be pumpkin seeds but I'm not all that fond of them so won't bother with them.
L: oatcakes; hummus; beetroot; grapes
D: rich, red chicken with rosemary and cherry tomatoes; new potatoes; broccoli; rhubarb and strawberry compote with yogurt (probably frozen into an ice cream)
I seem to have lost two stone now, so that's encouraging.

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