Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thursday morning

Yesterday was just one of those lovely days when nothing particularly remarkably happened but everything just went so beautifully. The weather helped, of course. Sunny, breezy, not too hot but no chill whatsoever - just perfect. Long may it continue!

Some readers may remember that a while ago I wittered on about dehydrating some mint as my pot has an over abundance of the stuff at the moment. Well, I tried (it made the house smell very minty) but, sad to report, it wasn't a success. What I ended up with was a pile of not terribly nice smelling leaf bits which have just been placed on the compost heap. So plan 2 is that I will freeze them instead. That's easy - you just freeze the leaves whole and they crush into bits when they are frozen. No chopping, no losing some of the oil in the process, no mess. In fact, I think I will do the same with the parsley and thyme too, not to mention the chives. Maybe also the sage as the leaves do seem tougher and more 'ragged' in the winter, but no need to freeze the bay leaves or the rosemary as they produce all year round.
I was delighted to notice the other day that in the walk-through behind my garden, clustered around one of the gate pillars, there is a very healthy looking clump of mint. I have no idea how it got there, it wasn't there last year, but who's complaining? Not me! I need shed loads of the stuff when I make apple mint jelly and this way I can make sure there's enough stored away beforehand. There's another clump in the path at the side of the garden, but that seems to have migrated from next-door's garden so I'm not sure about harvesting that!

Food today is yum:
B: fruit platter; strawberry yogurt
L: salad with flaked tuna
D: chicken fricassee; broccoli; carrots; cranberry oat cookie
All just right for an early summer day!
1. My birthday strawberries, sending forth a few each day at the moment and beginning to send out runners, so I have to find out what I do with them!
2. The unexpected mint!
And, having just gone out to snap them, the sneezing has started - drat!!!

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