Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday morning

First of all, before I forget, Diane, I have left an answer to your query about the recipe at the foot of my last post!

They say it's going to be very hot today. It was hot yesterday but there was a considerable breeze which made a big difference. With all the windows open and the fans going full pelt it was very pleasant indoors, not uncomfortable at all. It looks a lot stiller today, which, I think, is going to make a big difference to how it feels.

Well, I've been busy already. A loaf of seeded bread is cooling on the rack and the strawberry puree is in the fridge, in portions, ready to meet the freezer when next I go down to the shed. The kitchen is more or less clear - well, it isn't, but all the stuff that needed washing and putting away has been; that's clear enough for me. There's an awfully tempting shout coming from all those left over crisps, and I'm not going to have any trouble finding food for tea today, when DD and DG come over, but I'm pleased that so far I haven't nibbled, despite some severe temptation! Long may it continue.

One of yesterday's jobs was to get some matchpots and decide what colour I want Mick to use when he paints my garden fence and shed this coming week. I've decided to move away from the brown and go for green, but there's so much to choose from - see photo. At first I was inclined to the lighter colours, but I now think that will be too startling; something darker will be better. I'm very torn between the three shades on the left so I think I will have to ask DD for advice this afternoon - she's got a great eye for colour. Whichever I finally decide on, I'm quite excited about the change of colour, although I will have to see what it looks like when it's on - it may need two coats. If so, Mick will do the first coat which involves taking fence panels off to get at two sides of the shed, and then I could do a cosmetic second coat myself just on the bits that show. Of course, there's going to be a pretty pattern on the outside of the fence, where I did the trial patches, but who cares, eh? No-one will see it much!

I also managed to get some plants for the ex-barbecue, which is what the other photo is about. The two at the front should trail and the coleus (which I think is probably going to be too startling a colour, but never mind) will grow up and out at the back. I do like my garden at the moment!

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