Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday morning

What a wash-out it was yesterday. I turned up at the school just before the fair was due to open and it was spitting with rain then. During the ninety minutes I was on duty at the ping pong stall, we had three very heavy, short showers which sent everyone hot-foot to shelter under the trees, some clutching their cash boxes to them like lost-and-just-found teddies! As I left, it had just started again. It was so damp and chilly that my toes had started cramping, as they do sometimes. I should have worn tights and warm shoes, but this is flaming June, for goodness sakes!

It was a very great shame because lots of people work very, very hard to get these occasions off the ground and running smoothly, and I doubt we'd have raised even half of what we raised last year. Usually people are queueing to get in at the start; yesterday they were coming in dribs and drabs.
Most disappointing.

When I got home, I had lunch and then sat down in front of the telly to watch that old film 'Murder on the Orient Express' . . . the heating clicked in at some point (yes, it was that cold) and I went to sleep, waking just in time for the climax of the film. It's lucky I've seen it rather a large number of times already!

Before the fair, I'd managed to get into town. I go in so rarely that every time I do get in, I find something has changed. This time I found the interior of Wilkinsons was completely different. I had popped in there to get some paper plates and plastic cups for Friday and stayed to have a good wander round. It's a good place for bits and bobs, in this case a dustpan and brush and a long handled stiff bristled brush for outdoor sweeping! The best buy was some seeds. Remember a short while ago I said about being given some cut-and-come-again salad leaves? I read up about it and it said that they last for three or four pickings. Right, thought I, better sow some more seeds. Wilco had three packets of mixed salad leaves for £1.50 - a single bag of leaves from Morrisons can cost nearly that! I know I'm not the most green fingered person in the world, but even I can try this, I reckon!

And yes, in Lakeland I succumbed and bought the tea cosy owl. He is so cute and has such a worried look on his face. Fair enough - I would too, if I knew that every now and again someone was going to shove a boiling hot teapot up my bum!
The other thing I was majorly looking for was a little something for the baby shower round here next Friday evening. I looked and looked but there was very little that I thought appropriate. Lots of girly or boy stuff (don't know what the baby's sex is, don't know whether the mother knows either), lots of useful sleep suits, etc with horrid cartoon characters in plastic that melts when it is ironed and anyway strikes hot on the skin, plenty of overpriced soft toys . . . I struggled to find anything but ended up with three beige 'wrap and dry' towels which will always be useful (and can be used as cleaning cloths in years to come).
So, that was yesterday - I said it was a busy day but didn't count on falling asleep for much of the afternoon! Today I am determined to get the shed sorted. DD helped me move all the necessary stuff from the shed to the garage (thanks, much appreciated) so now there's room to swing a cat in the shed (although why one should want to so mistreat an innocent cat I have no idea!) and I shouldn't have too much hassle getting things straight. Then there's the housework I didn't do yesterday. I'm going to make some bread rolls rather than a loaf for tea - I will cheat and use the processor for the dough - and add various seeds as we all like seeded rolls.
Food today is:
B: Cheese on toast; blueberries. I might add some strawberries, use some of the daily milk allowance and make a smoothie.
D: chicken and wine casserole; cabbage; melon and grape medley
T: salad with feta and tuna
At some point I have to start weaning myself off Bodychef and try to manage myself. Not right now though: I come in from school so tired that it's a real blessing to have everything there and ready. But with the summer holiday coming up, I really could start working out my own menus in the style of . . .
And I'm looking forward to doing some cooking for myself.
I seem to have gone on rather today . . . better go and get started; dough first, then bath and dressed, then brekkie, then out to the shed!

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