Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saturday morning

Last night, for the baby shower, I made some scones. After they cooled I split each one, spread butter, then topped each half with thick whipped cream, a spoonful of strawberry curd and half a strawberry. They were absolutely delicious but I've now used up my last pot of strawberry curd, which is a shame. I think I'll invest in some more strawberries while they are so tasty and not outrageously expensive, prepare the puree and then freeze it in portions. That way I could have strawberry curd all year round! There's also some whipped cream left so it's lucky the stuff freezes.

I haven't had any alcohol for quite a time now so, after yesterday evening with all its self indulgence - not only wine but also the sort of carbs that one should rarely indulge in, I'm afraid I woke up with quite a headache. It's going now, with copious amounts of water and the occasional coffee but I shudder to think what standing on the scales would show, should I be so stupid as to try!

The Wii arrived earlier, as I said before. I unpacked it all, took one look at the array of boxes, cables, wires, connectors, etc, and took it straight upstairs to the spare room. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. I have to go to B&Q this morning but this afternoon I will get it all down and see what I can do. The instructions look very clear and so many people manage to get theirs working, it can't be as difficult as it looks, surely. Fingers crossed.

I ought not to eat anything today after last night's little indulgence, but I know that's the best way to cause a right binge this evening, especially with all the sweet or crispy stuff that's left around and that's to be taken to school on Monday and put on the staffroom table. So it's back on Bodychef straight away! I'll forgo the porridge for breakfast (the oats can be used to make some more oat biccies for DD and DG tomorrow) and stick to fresh fruit, as that will NOT last until Monday.
B: Fresh fruit salad
L: crudites, ryvita and shredded chicken spread.
D. Salmon steak, sweet and sour red cabbage, new potatoes, fresh fruit platter
Snacks: pineapple and mango, apple

The dinner is actually last night's dinner, but tonight's scheduled main is something that will freeze well.

I do like this Superfoods plan. There's a lot more fruit that the Low Carb plan (well, there would be) but a wider variety than the Premier plan with its focus on meat. I've ordered another fortnight's supply, but must think carefully about the summer holiday and what I intend to do then.

Photo: early morning view across the garden

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