Saturday, 19 June 2010

Saturday morning

. . . and not really a day for resting!
This morning I need to go into town to get a number of bits and bobs including a gift and card for a baby shower and to look at a tea cosy I rather covet, being a bit of an owl collector.

After then it's in to school at about 11:30, firstly to send the planning to myself (I forgot yesterday) and then to help out with the June Fair. I will be having groovy fun on the 'throw a ping pong ball into a jar' competition stall - mutter, mutter!
After that it's hope for the usual housework, washing, ironing, etc.
No reports though - yay!!

Yesterday was just another day really. We had a fierce rehearsal for Jack and the Beanstalk after play. It's going well and should be ready by Wednesday. That'll be the last family assembly of the year, thank goodness. These assemblies are seen as a Good Thing but, for the little ones, it takes a lot of preparation. This time it's the results of our music lessons and links nicely to our theme, but the organisation of it seems to take for ever sometimes.

Today's food looks yum, but I'm not sure when I will have time for reasonable meals; it's all going to be a bit sixes and sevens.
B: Vanilla yogurt with strawberries (I'm going to freeze this and make a soft ice); water melon (an extra to Bodychef, because it was on special at Morrisons)
L: chicken, coleslaw and salad
D: African chicken stew, broccoli; pineapple and lemon cheesecake
Now all I need to do is resist the tempting aromas of the hot dog and burger stall and the candy floss machine! All three 'foods' smell a lot better than they taste, don't they?

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