Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Rather early on Wednesday morning.

I'm having a science lesson observed today as part of the monitoring cycle for subject coordinators. The teacher concerned is glad/grateful (if that's the right word) that someone was happy(ish - I put on a good act) to be observed for a one off lesson; most of us have finished our science themes for the year now so this is planned in specially. It's not going to be a problem and for once I am not worried about it. My class are responsive and cooperative, I know the subject matter, I've taught it before . . .
So why, oh why, have I spent a good part of the night awake and thinking through it all? I always do this before an observation and it's perfectly ridiculous! One of several daft habits I wish I could eliminate, but how do you get to sleep when your mind is racing and your body is raring to be up and doing? I suppose it's that fight or flight reaction. It may have saved a few lives back in dinosaur times, but right now it's a pain in the bum!

As a slight compensation, it gives me some time this morning to get the living room tidied and ready for the baby shower do here on Friday evening. It's not a real mess for once, but it could do with some - er - household management! Thanks to George, the garden is ready and waiting (so it had better not rain)!
This one should be easy. I've bought plastic cups and paper plates, it's strictly finger food only, everyone's bringing a little something-to-eat, something to drink and, not compulsory, a gift for the mum to be. It's timed for 7 to 8:30 as not only she, but also most of us, are very tired at the moment.

Thankfully, staff meeting has been cancelled this evening. The head is away on a three day course so that's the reason; nothing to do with any football match that might be played at the same time - dear me, no, what a thought, the very idea, as if we would, etc, etc, etc. Well, here's someone who won't be watching! I will be able to come home early and do a wee bit more housework so I won't be too ashamed on Friday evening. Excellent!

As well as getting the observation over and done, today is the day my class puts on our performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. Regular readers may just possibly remember me talking about it last year when we just did the songs and let the backing CD tell the story.
as the Foundation stage class walked out at the end, one or two were overheard to say that they wanted to sing those songs too. Well, now they are!
This time we're just using the accompaniment tracks (no vocal lead) and the children are singing, acting and playing percussion. A much more complicated thing altogether and something they're doing really very well indeed.

I've ordered a Wii!!
I know it's hardly breaking news in the wider scheme of things but, for a techno-twit like me, this is mega-stuff! It's on its way and I just hope I can sort out what to do with it when it arrives. With the long holiday coming up, I will have time to play with it and really get to grips with it - that's the idea anyway. Hopefully it won't end up as a Christmas present for DG!!

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