Sunday, 20 June 2010

Oat and raisin cookies

One of the few problems with Bodychef is that when you have visitors, you don't have much to offer in the way of tea-like stuff. So each Sunday I have a minor wibble about what I can provide when DD and DG come over. It's really inspired me to look further afield to find simple stuff that can be cooked within some very specific limits. For example, I don't have eggs in at the moment so cakes, etc, are challenging. I have to find something acceptable for both DG, a nearly-teenager with a very healthy appetite, and DD, who is vegetarian. And I have my Bodychef meal. I'd eat the same as them, but my tea has been paid for already!

Today I had some leftover grated cheese from the pizzas, so I zizzed it down to very fine bits, then added some butter, mayo, chives and smoked paprika to make a rather nice cheese spread that ought to be robust enough to go well on the seeded rolls made this morning. Then I googled and came up with a very simple recipe for cookies that takes next to no time at all, really easy and the results taste delicious. The recipe is here and I made it without the egg that is not in the written instructions but can be seen in the accompanying video. With the oats and the raisins, one can fool oneself that it's a bit healthy and good for you. DD will have to take the remains with her, plus the rolls and the cheese spread. DG can have some in his packed dinners this week.

So, another busy day, but a most creative and satisfying one.

Photo: the cookies. Don't they look scrummy?

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