Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday morning

I had an unexpected visitor last night - well, two, in fact. DD and DG came over for tea as usual. After tea they left to go home. I started watering the garden. A few minutes later DG popped his head round the back door and announced that they'd got to the end of the road and had to come back because mummy wasn't feeling very well. Poor DD, she suddenly felt very sick and, while I don't think she was actually physically sick, she was obviously unwell enough not to want to drive (or be driven anywhere). No idea what it was because DG and I were fine and we all ate the same tea, more or less.
Eventually, I drove DG over to their place, we fed and de-pooped the cats, gathered up some bed things and DGs school uniform, and came back here. Hopefully DD will have slept well and be feeling a lot better this morning!

DD helped me make up my mind - she looked carefully at my painted patches and selected the one I thought I'd go for. Great minds and all that! So it's Somerset Green fence and shed - the second from the left in yesterday's picture

There was a right kerfuffle around this way yesterday evening. Originally, I only noticed it because DD had parked outside the garage which is on a road at the back of our house. We noticed there were a number of police officers, cars, vans, etc gathering on the main road that goes alongside the road with the garage (if you see what I mean), plus a helicopter hovering above. They didn't seem to be doing anything, the road wasn't blocked, they weren't stopping traffic or anything like that . . . weird. Then, when I drove out to get DD and DG's stuff, they'd moved up the road and were all around our local, inoffensive, peaceful pub. By the time I came back, they'd all gone.
I daresay I will hear what went on - school is more or less opposite the pub and someone will know - they always do.

Food today:
B: yogurt, fruit compote, water melon and orange juice (just right for hot weather!)
L: Hummus, oatcakes, fresh fruit salad
D: sweet potato mash, turkey meat loaf, broccoli, oaty apple crumble
Snacks: Apple, pear, almonds

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