Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday morning

. . . and off to work we go again. Less than five weeks now as the last day is a Thursday. What with one thing and another, the timetable is rapidly disintegrating and things like hall sessions have been wiped off the map in order to make space for KS2 rehearsals. Liz and I need time to rehearse for our own mini-show, to be performed this week (which we have -Mandy has been fantastic at giving us the hall time we need), which is more time out of class. Going over my planning this morning, I really do have doubts that we will get much of it done at all, to be honest!

Those oat and raisin cookies made yesterday - well, I can thoroughly recommend them! They were gorgeous, the only disadvantage being that they are 150 calories (if you get twelve out of the mixture); I checked using the incomparable Weight Loss Resources site. Ooops and double ooops. They do spread a lot while baking, so maybe they could be smaller - I'll have to try.
They really do have that 'expensive biscuit' taste about them so I have decided that they will be my gift to all the lovely parents who have helped this year, one way or another. This means over the next few Sundays I will have to investigate variations. Half or even quarter amounts and things like maybe cranberries or choc chips instead of raisins, adding some chopped almonds - that sort of thing. I'm sure DD and DG will be more than happy to help out with the tasting thereof!

Apart from all those culinary frolics yesterday, I also managed to get the shed properly sorted at last! As a result, the garden is also more spick and span. In the shed I found an old, manky, rusty barbecue. I put the small parts in the bin, then looked thoughtfully at the main part. It's a very small, simple, spherical one, with wheels at the front so you can push it round like a wheelbarrow. Inspiration struck - I filled the body with potting soil and, lo and behold, a planter! I will now have to get some trailing stuff to go in, so it's back to the garden centre at some point - such hardship.
I managed to bung some carrot seeds and salad leaf seeds in a couple of other pots too. Hopefully they will grow, although with my history maybe they will peep out, take a look round and decide to stay in bed! Couldn't blame them if they did!

Photo: The barbec . . . I mean new planter! (and yes, the shed is being re-done in the next month. Why do these things always look so much worse in a photo?)

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