Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday evening (OK, late afternoon)

Don't children have a way of innocently putting you in your place? Today Cheeky Little Boy came bouncing up to me . . .

C L B: Mrs Clark, Mrs Clark, it was my grandad's birthday yesterday and we had a barbecue!
Me: That sounds great, I love barbecues. Did you have a good time.
C L B: Yes . . .[followed by detailed description of every bit of food eaten}. . . and my grandad did too. Guess what, Mrs Clark, he's ever so old.
Me: (thoughtlessly) Is he? How old is he? (I really should've known better after all these years of teaching)
C L B: He's SIXTY ONE, Mrs Clark!!!
Me: Ah - my goodness!

I did NOT tell him that I'm only three years off that venerable age myself!

To go with the school reports, we get every child to write something about their year. The older ones can do it excellently, sometimes producing thoughtful and perceptive comments. With the little ones it's a bit hit and miss at times, but they can also hit the nail on the head at times. The first part of the sentence is provided and they have to finish it off themselves.
Here's H's effort:
This year I have got better at . . . writing stories. (true, he has)
Next year I want to get better at . . . not talking! (how very true!!)
The thing I have liked best this year is . . . my teacher.

I found out what the hullabaloo outside the pub was - several different versions, in fact, but they all include three things.
Someone hitting someone else on the head with a hammer.
A verbal row outside that involved 'words I didn't know the meaning of'!!' (info from someone who lives just over the road so heard every glorious phrase)
So the heavy police presence complete with cars, vans and hovering helicopter was understandable. I bet they were hot in their protective armour!

Mick has started the fence and it's looking really good. It's going over the previous colour better than we thought and is not likely to need another coat. Just as well as it's eating up the paint! It might be finished tomorrow, maybe Wednesday. It will make quite a difference to the way it looks and I'm quite excited about it - I know, sad me.

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