Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday morning

The living room is tidy and clean. The tables are ready to receive the food and drinks. The garden looks as nice as it's ever going to look. The mess in the kitchen is superficial and easily sorted. The downstairs loo is clean. I think I'm more or less ready for the baby shower this evening. Not that I think many would mind if it was a bit of a mess, but I would.

Today is the last performance of Jack and the Beanstalk, with Liz's class taking the leading roles this time. I think we'll be glad when it's all over - it's all wearing a bit thin now. Then Liz can tick off one more Last Thing on her list.

I got an email last night to say the wallflowers are on their way. With any luck they will arrive today - they ought to, considering the cost of the postage. If they do, I'll get the leggy one out and put them in before everyone arrives this evening. The more I look at it, the more out of place it now looks and I'll be glad when it's replaced. I might get it out anyway, thinking about it. Perhaps the gap is preferable!

The rest of the day is pretty predictable really. I've told the little dears they're writing a story. No formal planning, no story prompts, no imposed structure, just writing a story. The look on their collective faces was very funny. Some looked utterly shocked with a how-could-you-do-this-to-me expression. Some looked really excited. Some looked resigned in a so-that's-what-you're-throwing-at-us-now way. A very few looked baffled. And Sociable Little Boy came up to me afterwards to express his pleasure and to take the next five minutes excitedly outlining his plot in great detail. Can't remember what maths is, but I have vague memory of arrays and multilink cubes. Better check, I suppose.

Food today: well, this evening will be completely over the top, of course. Everyone's bringing finger food. I asked for just a little, but I know there will be far too much! Bodychef will have to take a back seat; I will rearrange the main meals and freeze one that is freezable. I think it will be either the vegetable curry or the spicy beef.
B: Bran flakes, pear
L: cannellini spread (whatever that is); ryvita; cherry tomatoes; apple
D: Goodness only knows. I'm baking some scones and serving them with thick cream, strawberry curd and a fresh strawberry on top. Should look and taste nice.

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