Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday morning

. . . and it's PPA time again this morning. The timetable is gradually getting more and more chaotic as the end of year stuff swings into action. Before then, year 1 has its performance of Jack and the Beanstalk to give, next Wednesday and Friday in our respective family assemblies. At the moment, getting the hall to practice is more than a little bit hairy, as the juniors have more or less taken it over for their show rehearsals. As a result of all the other stuff already impacting, a lot of what was planned this week hasn't happened and I suspect that today's planning will more or less be a case of slotting the unfinished work from this week into next week's template. Just five weeks to go now!

I got the reports back yesterday, all nicely read, commented and signed by Susannah. I now just have to sign them myself. Only one mistake too. This really is the year of firsts. First in, first back and the first time there's only been one mistake - and that was a double hit - a comma and a full stop next to each other. DD did a magnificent job of proof reading this year. Yay!! Another thing to plan in for next week - the pupil comments. That's a right palaver one way and another too!

Going back to the dried mint, I just wonder whether I left the leaves in the dehydrator for too long and 'burnt' it. As I seem to have plenty of mint to play with right now, I might have another go when I have an hour or so and keep a closer eye on it.

FS and KS1 was collectively a bit naughty in assembly yesterday, so much so that we (the teacher in charge of the assembly and I) had them all back in the hall at playtime to -er - discuss it. It's very difficult not to laugh when one is looking at six rows of little children, each with a 'wasn't-me-see-my-halo' look on their faces, legs perfectly crossed, one hand in lap, the other with index finger perfectly poised on lips to emphasise the point.
We will see next week, won't we?

Photo of nice rosemary in back garden. Nothing special, I just like the photo for some reason! The other leaves on the left come from one solitary carrot which comes from goodness knows where. I certainly didn't plant it! Must get round to planting some though - the pots are all ready.

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