Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday evening - after the baby shower

What a simply lovely evening. Loads of friends here, loads of laughing and talking, masses of food, quite a lot of which, unfortunately, now resides in my fridge in the hopes that it will last until Monday when I can take it into school for the staff to demolish! You know, one of the things teachers complain about is that children nowadays don't listen to and follow through on instructions.
On the invite letter it said 'finger food only - just a very small amount'. Somehow, those bits of info didn't quite filter through. Never mind, it's a minor problem and the only impact is possibly to be on my weight loss!

Hannah had loads of pressies, so many cute and 'aaaaah-factor' things, t0 the extend that she probably won't need to wash anything for the first three months. I made an absolute fool of myself because I thought she'd opened all the pressies so made my little speech, only to find that there was another pile she hadn't got to!
Never mind, par for the course really!

A number of people said that it was good of me to offer my house for the shower party. I don't agree. I only have the wonderful space because of the fantastic generosity of my parents. There's no way I could have afforded any kind of extension, let alone the amazing one I now have, without their kindness and unselfishness. I would be failing them badly if I didn't use it in a way that involves sharing with others at times.

On one of the OUSA forums there has been a pretty heated debate about second homes and whether they are 'right' or not. The view was expressed that those with more than one home should hand that 'second' home over to the homeless - whether voluntarily or compulsorily was not made clear and the debate continues! My personal and not so specific feeling is that generous loving-kindness almost always begats a similar feeling in the recipient, however it shows itself. It's not compulsion or legalism, it's an emotion that flows straight from the 'heart'. It may be more blessed to give than receive - my own experience is that receivers often then turn into givers - and so it goes on like an ever flowing stream.

And I must remember to turn the alarm clock off when I go to bed! After all, tomorrow is Saturday! Yay!

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