Friday, 28 May 2010

You think I would know by now . . .

All of us are sitting round the table finishing our dinner. Suddenly DG jumps up and makes off. I call him back to sit down. He gives me a pitying look and says 'Hey, I'm autistic! I just needed a little bounce!!'
OK, fair enough. So I continue 'If you've finished, isn't there something you have forgotten to say?' (meaning thanks and may I leave the table).
Another pitying look. 'No, I've just told you something, haven't I?'
So in steps DD to explain.

You think I'd learn by now, wouldn't you? Literal is the name of the game with DG! For example, never say 'Would you like to . . . start clearing the table/start loading the dishwasher.' The perfectly honest and polite response is likely to be 'No, thank you!'
You say ' Time to . . . ' instead.

Mind you, it's been such a busy day, no wonder I forgot. But I have my microwave and very nice it is too - small, simple, straightforward and a good name so likely to be reliable (I can hope). Dinner was absolutely delicious but I can't eat like that again for a while or the weight will just pile back on again. And I really don't want that!

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