Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wednesday evening

I love the head teacher. She cancelled staff meeting tonight, thank goodness. I was dreading the struggle to keep awake! All four of us involved in yesterday's meeting looked like something the cat dragged in today . . .

Just a short blog this evening as my brain seems to have gone on holiday without me, so I'll just go through the food today. I only ate half of yesterday's dinner as I didn't want a big meal before the meeting and afterwards was way too late. As a result I ate yesterday's very nice salmon steak for breakfast today - I could get used to that!
B: Salmon steak with mayo; apple
L: Tuna and cucumber mix; coleslaw; chopped mixed salad
D: Cheese topped chicken; cauliflower mash; fresh fruit platter
Snacks: Cashews; pineapple pieces (fresh pineapple); satsuma (or the like)

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