Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wednesday evening

I was thrilled with my class today. They took the NFER progress in maths test and every single one of them did really well. OK, one or two didn't really, but have made significant progress, so I count that as really good! Also, they coped a lot better with the 'test' situation - most will be completely ready for year 2 when the time comes.

I also want to mention how very delicious the Bodychef food has been today. Really tasty and satisfying. I love salmon anyway so to get double dose of it was a treat of the highest order (only slight exaggeration here). I think dinner was meant to be cold but I heated it up and thoroughly enjoyed it that way.

All the interviews, special lessons, etc are finished. I have no idea who we have appointed as the Fridays only teacher but I'll hear in due course. I thought the teacher who took my class wasn't wonderful - her speaking voice was unfortunate, very Essex and nasal and just not pleasant to listen to - but then she finished with a song and the whole lesson came alive. My class get a lot of singing and they enjoy it very much. I'm not sure I could live with that speaking voice for very long though!

And finally - I know how easy it is to make typos, I do it all the time, myself, but I had to have a gentle giggle earlier this evening when someone messaged that she was 'sticking to her gums' - it sounds pretty painful to me!

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