Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Very early Wednesday morning

It's about half past three and here I am, wide awake. It's a while since I did this but I guess I was due for another very early morning. I've had six hours sleep, more or less, so it isn't so bad really.

When I checked my mailbox, there was a message from D, the mother of a girl I taught in year 1, many, many moons ago. Her son is interested in gardening and is going to start doing some garden maintenance for me for a very reasonable rate per hour (and plenty of choccy biscuits and cola, I suspect). Small as my garden is, I really am not keeping on top of it right now and need it to look nice for the family barbecue in the summer, so this is a really welcome move. I just hope he doesn't run a mile when he sees it on Saturday!

I've got permission to leave school immediately this afternoon. It's DG's annual review of statement and I'm going to it with DD. It should be extremely interesting and I do wonder what his targets will be for the coming year.

The other notable happenings today are the NFER Maths test first thing (poor children) and then being taught by yet another candidate after play. Oh, and I will probably have to take family assembly as Susannah and Natalie will be caught up in the interviews.

The food today is fishy!
B: Smoked salmon, soft cheese and a wholemeal roll (I'm adding lemon juice and black pepper)
L: Chicken, chickpea, lime and coriander salad and some mayo
D: Salmon steak, puy lentil and tomato salad and a brownie for dessert.
Snacks are a small (very small) cheese portion and some almonds.

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