Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tuesday morning

Bright Little Boy loves to be helpful. Yesterday he came up to me with a problem.
'Mrs Clark', said he, 'we really do need some more wipes for the whiteboards. They're getting a bit manky.'
A bit manky - that was the understatement of the week! They are falling to bits and hardly do their job any more.
'Thanks, B L B,' I responded. ' You'll need to remind me to bring in some J cloths tomorrow, please.'

And that was that - I thought no more of it until I opened Facebook in the evening and saw the following, via his mum's account:
'Dear Mrs Clark we need more j clothe wipes. Now get them! From B L B. '
I had to laugh - he may write a mean Jack and the Beanstalk story, but I think his persuasive letter writing skills need a bit of fine tuning! It worked, however - I now have a pile of cut up whiteboard wipes waiting for me to take them into school. Hope I don't forget them!

Housepoint for you, B L B, for being so helpful!

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