Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tuesday morning

. . . and the first day of the Bodychef low carb plan. There was a bit of a muddle and last night the first low carb hamper arrived. No problem, I spoke to Jayne over the phone and as it's the same price, and what I intended to do anyway, it's perfectly OK. It looks rather good too!
So, here's the damage today.
B: bodychef cereal (very seedy looking) and a yogurt
L: hummus with oatcakes. A fruit salad.
D: Creamy chicken curry with quinoa, fruit jelly (which seems rather out of place in all this other health-food type stuff)
Snacks: walnuts, sunflower seeds, grapes. The grapes are a substitute for pumpkin seeds which I don't like nearly as much as sunflower seeds!

Quinoa, eh? I've never, ever had that. I vaguely remember it from 'You are what you eat' with that weird doctor who wasn't really a doctor and who had an obsession with quinoa, nuts, seeds and everyone else's bowel functions! I remember watching one episode when one poor, poor woman had to climb into a bath that was filled with all the food the had eaten in the previous week, all churned up together - well, not the actually food itself, that would have been beyond gross. I am still amazed that the lady in question did so, and felt so much for her as she made obvious and valiant efforts not to puke. I'm afraid that put me off the programme and the system for life: it just felt way too close to intimidation and bullying for me, personally, and I never watched it again.

However, I digress - back to quinoa.
I had to look up how to cook it and it seems you rinse it well and then just boil it. One web page suggested adding stock to the water to flavour it and I might do that, using marigold powder. It doesn't look wonderful at the moment but maybe it will be OK with the chicken curry, which does look yummy! I'll let you know!!

One negative - I've been passing all the little pats of Flora (spit, spit), jam and marmalade, biscuits, etc on to DD as I use my home made and (shock horror) real butter instead and substitute nuts for the biscuits. This plan doesn't have jam, marmalade, biscuits - well, I suppose it wouldn't, would it? Sorry DD. You can still have the pumpkin seeds though!

Because of the initial issue I had with the size of the portions, I dug out three standard 'plates'. One is a square plate which makes to food look really posh! The next is a smallish round plate - in between a dinner plate and a dessert plate. I use that for good old British stuff like cottage pie, savoury crumbles, etc. And then there's the pasta bowl - again, not too big and ideal for gloopy, soupy things like curry and rice (or quinoa!!), pasta and meatballs, etc.
These three sit on the side now and I always use one of them. It does make a significant difference. You'd think that a medium portion is the same, whatever you put it on, but somehow a portion looking lost and lonely on a large plate has a very different effect on me than a portion looking big and important on a smaller plate. The latter satisfies, the former does not. Weird!! The eyes are the window to the soul, they say, and windows usually work both ways, not just in to out.

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