Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tuesday evening

Quinoa: OK, I could get used to it. I boiled it with some chicken stock powder and it tasted OK.

Interviews: It was very. very interesting to see the process from the senior management side and to gain an understanding of the way decisions are made. Only two of the four candidates turned up today. One was offered a post yesterday and the other just didn't appear - no message, no excuse, nothing. I hope she's OK, because it's most unusual to get no notification at all. Of the two we did see, one was head and shoulders the best of the whole lot and she will be teaching with me next year. The other successful candidate was from yesterday's bunch.

Tomorrow it's the part time interviews. The successful candidate will teach FS and KS1 classes as part of our PPA cover. I'm not involved in that, although my class will be taught from 11:30 to 12:00. It's just as well they are a generally good humoured lot - they've had a lot of strange people teaching them this week - strange in terms of not known, I mean. After that we can all get back to normal again, thank goodness.

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