Thursday, 27 May 2010

Thursday morning

. . . and the last day of this half term. Tomorrow is report writing day. They take an awful lot more time than that, of course, but it's jolly nice to have some time. The children are tired and some are a bit close to the edge this week so I have a nice day planned. First of all it's the worst bit - the weekly spelling test.
Once that is over we will be editing some photos for the art board - using Photoshop and the interactive whiteboard so that everyone can have a go. They will enjoy that!
Then it's a house quiz competition with such beauties as . . .

Why did Jack's mum have to sell the cow

  1. Because the cow ate all her daffodils
  2. Because the cottage was too small for her
  3. Because they needed the money to buy food
. . . interspersed with more serious questions to check their understanding of the work we've done on plants this term.
After that it's the computer suite, which they always enjoy.
Finally it's (weather permitting) games this afternoon.

All good stuff!! Not too demanding, plenty of enjoyment and hopefully they will all survive.

Food! Last day of Bodychef until Tuesday next week.
B: There was a slice of rather nice seeded bread, a slice of cheese, two slices of ham and some salsa, so I made an open toasted cheese and ham sandwich and very nice it was too.
L: Red pepper and almond dip with oatcakes and crudites
D: Chilli con carne with a titchy bit of soured cream, broccoli and then jelly!!

And now I have to finish planning the weekend food for me and DG and go shopping. What fun!

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