Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thursday morning

. . . and it looks fine outside. What a lovely day it was yesterday - it was a pleasure to be out for infant play duty in the afternoon and feel warm - the children loved it too.

We really need the weather to stay fine all day because it's inflatables after school on the school field. Of course, that means all afternoon to set it up which, in turn, means no field for lunch play, afternoon play or for games - in fact, no games this afternoon. Never mind, we need time to get on with our spoon puppets and with the puppet theatre, not to mention a fair pile of unfinished work! This will be the ideal opportunity. It's all go in year 1!

They just love the inflatables. Huge enormous bouncy things of all shapes, sizes and descriptions, and all free after the initial price is paid. The parents bring rugs and picnic things and camp down in the middle of the field while the children rush madly from one thing to another, getting thoroughly over-excited and gorging themselves on burgers, hot dogs, ice cream and candy floss from the stalls on the playground. It's a great money raiser for the school.

It takes all afternoon to set the inflatables up and, as my bay has windows that look directly onto the field, I reckon finishing off is as much as we're going to get accomplished, if I'm lucky. They will be totally hyper with excitement!

Today is the last day of the accidental low carb food - it's back to the premier plan for the weekend and then low carb from next Tuesday (which was the original intention). So today's food is:
B: Fruit platter; yogurt; seeds (probably won't have these for brekky)
L: tuna; salad; grapes
D: Chicken fricassee; broccoli; carrots; an oat cookie with cranberry chips is the dessert so I might save that for supper.
Snacks are cashews and Brazil nuts.

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