Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday morning

. . . although it feels like Monday; I suppose that's because there was no school on Friday. I've been a busy bee already this morning. One loaf baked and cooling (OK, so that was overnight really), all the vegetables ready for dinner, the syrup made for the lemon and lime sorbet I am making today (cooling in the fridge as I type) and the sweet potato and lentil soup for tea is simmering on the range. All very satisfying!

In preparation for our 'make one new ice cream each day' resolution for the Streele Farm holiday, I've been digging out a few recipes and trying them. Sorbet is certainly not all that healthy, laden with sugar as it is, but it is low calorie (as long as you don't have too much) and it's refreshing. I've made a syrup using lemon and lime and will try some of it in the ice cream machine. If it works, we'll have that for lunch and I'll make and freeze the remainder this afternoon. If it doesn't, the syrup will make a refreshing drink with some added grated root ginger and diluted with sparkling water. I'm hoping it will work, of course, and intend to use some of those 'useful pots' to store the sorbet in single portions. This will get round the 'take it out half an hour before' thing.

The soup is of the usual 'bung it all in together with stock and seasonings, boil till soft and zizz with the stick blender' variety. Never fails, a great way to use up leftover vegetables and sauces and never tastes the same from one time to the next. I'll set one portion aside and that will be my lunch tomorrow on the last notBodychef day!

DG willing, I hope we can get over to DDs to feed the cats, etc, this morning. It is fine at the moment so maybe Theo will get his walk today. That will get that done and off my conscience. Then I just have ironing to do and I'll do that while watching some rubbish or other on the telly!

NotBodychef today is:
B: Was going to be toast but there was a bit of pasta salad left over and, as I'm not actually feeling all that hungry, I polished that off instead.
D: Roast pork, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cabbage; lemon and lime sorbet
T: Sweet potato and lentil soup with bread to dunk; Fruit for me, orange loaf cake for DG and DD
Snacks: none!

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