Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday morning

I went to Sainsbury's yesterday, the first time in many, many moons, so I just had to get their magazine. I've seen this mag grow from a free handout all the way to the glossy production it is today and I feel it's worth the money one has to pay as much as the market leaders like Delicious, Olive, etc.
Anyway, I was reading through the recipes and I noticed this lovely comment from Nigella.
'If children are eating, it's wise to omit the chillies - unless they're being very annoying'.
Nice one!

For once, I managed to get just about all my chores done yesterday; there's just a little dusting to be done. As I managed to remember to get a padlock yesterday, maybe I will get round to bunging some stuff in the garage now, and to sort out the shed before it gets too hot. That would be a very useful thing accomplished!
George came round yesterday and, to my surprise, looked quite optimistic about the mess. He's going to start with a couple of sessions over half term which should get the garden more or less tidy and then take it from there. I'd really like this to work.

I made a very simple salad dressing yesterday which was rather nice. Just one part olive oil to three parts apple balsamic vinegar, some runny honey, grain mustard, black pepper and garlic puree, all bunged in a jar and shaken. I used one of those tall, thin jars that olives come in and it looked 'right'! Another to remember for the family meal in the summer. I have a right old collection of food ideas for that occasion now and am going to have to start doing some eliminating! It will, however, be jolly satisfying to have the time to make most of the dishes from scratch. There will be twelve of us altogether and I can live off the leftovers for the rest of the week until I go off on holiday!

Today's Bodychef food is:
B: Muffin with jam; apple
D: Beef goulash; cauliflower; new potatoes; yogurt and mint dressing; chocolate biscuit cake (no idea what that is)
T: Chicken strips; pitta bread; tomato and cucumber salad.
Snacks are an orange and sunflower seeds

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