Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday evening

Another pleasant day, despite the rain which arrived late afternoon. I spent a few hours with DD, sorting out some stuff with her, then came home, stopping off at Morrisons on the way for a few bits and bobs. When I unpacked, I realised I'd forgotten to get some mushroom (or other vegetarian) pate for her for tea. That's one of the few disadvantages of Bodychef. Because it's all provided, the fridge is virtually devoid of the usual things that one can bring out for guests.

Anyway, I didn't feel like going back to Morrisons, so I concocted a pate. I zizzed a small can of butter beans (drained) with some philly light, some mayo, some semi-dried tomatoes with a little of the oil and some capers that came in the jar, some lemon juice, a little garlic puree, some chilli puree, some tomato puree and some salt and pepper. It really was rather delicious, although DD said it would have been even nicer with some feta also zizzed in. Butter bean, feta and tomato pate - if certainly does have a good ring to it, doesn't it? However, judging by the way she tucked into it, I don't think the missing feta caused too many problems.
One I intend to write up and do again - a delicious doddle!

I spent some time while DD and DG were here to go through a lot of old magazines, tear out what I wanted to keep and consign the remains to the recycling bag (which is now full and heavy)

While all this was going on, through the day, the dehydrator was working on some lemon slices. The results are awfully pretty, but lacking in scent, which is rather a disappointment, but maybe some lemon oil will perk them up a bit. They'll make nice Christmas decorations or maybe cards, with sparkly stuff to decorate.

Tomorrow I will have been on Bodychef for one month, so I think I will weigh. Fingers crossed!

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