Saturday, 22 May 2010

Saturday morning

I'm going on a bear hunt
I'm going to catch a big one . . .

OK, so it's not really a bear hunt, it's a new microwave hunt! My old (very old) one still works, but it's big and clunky, yucky and makes funny noises while it's working so it is probably on its way to the graveyard anyway! It also has so many functions I have never used, isn't the easiest to programme and is confusing to others. I only use the re-heat function and, occasionally, the defrost. Oh, and for making lemon curd, but any M W could do that!
I know what I want, it's a question of finding the best fit. Just a plain, simple microwave, no fancy extra bits! I gather the newest models don't require turntables - that would be good!
I'll let you know.

This afternoon George is coming round. As I said before, I just hope he doesn't take one look and run away in utter panic. It would be wonderful if he did feel he could take on some gardening stuff for me. I'm just SO lazy!!

The rest of the day will be taken up with the usual Saturday pursuits - changing the bed linen, washing, drying and ironing, tidying, dusting and dysoning and watching Doctor Who! Oh, and tidying out the car which is an almighty mess at the moment.
Bodychef food today:
B: Fresh fruit salad; toast and marmite (it should be jam but I am substituting - I get hardly any marmite nowadays and I love the stuff)
L: egg mayo on ryvita; salad; plums
D: Spicy mince; carrot and raisin salad on little gem leaves; fruit jelly
Snacks: apple; dates; sunflower seeds

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