Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday morning and a happy bunny!

It's four weeks now since I started Bodychef, so I decided to weigh. I've lost 1 stone and 1 lb, which I'm really very pleased about. The next weigh is on May 31st - I wonder what that will be.

It's the first interview day today. Four lucky candidates are giving a lesson (with a class they don't know), doing a task involving assessment and next step targets and having a face to face interview. Sooner them than me. I'm so glad I've only ever had to face the f2f part. My class' s turn is at 11:30, so I'll get to see that, and I have a chance to observe the one after play as Liz will come and mind mine while I go to hers to watch. Then on Tuesday I am involved all the way through as I am out of class all day.

Bodychef food today is:
B: Bran flakes, grapefruit and orange salad
L: cream cheese, crackers, coleslaw and a salad (left over from yesterday), then fruit
D: cottage pie, cauliflower, cabbage and then brownie and custard.
Snacks are dried fruit. nuts and a pear

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