Monday, 24 May 2010

Monday evening

And that's morning playground duty done for this school year. Yippeeeee!

Hasn't it been warm again today. It seems to have cooled off a bit at the time of writing but earlier on it was baking. We (six of us) had a meeting in the head's room after school. We needed to keep the windows shut as what we were saying was kinda confidential and conversations in there can be heard by anyone standing by the photocopier if that window is also open (which it was). After a while we could bear it no longer so we all decamped to the computer suite where there's air conditioning and it was bliss, even with the little stools!

I was SO PROUD of my class today. It was the last big writing task of the school year, probably, as unaided as possible, for levelling. They worked on an introduction to Jack and the Beanstalk last week so today it was to write the rest of the story. They had a dauntingly long set of WILFs (that, to the uninitiated means What I'm Looking For) including:
  • interesting words, descriptions and sentences
  • good handwriting
  • plausible spellings (yes, I did explain what that meant, although they mostly already know)
  • capital letters and full stops (one can hope, can't one!)
  • finger spaces between words
  • paragraphs (for those likely to achieve a good level 2)
. . . and so on.

And you know what - every single child had a good try, even the SEN children. I had intended to send them off with the the class TA for more supported writing but she was ill, so they had to cope in class. Little R did particularly well, D actually wrote well without tears, J wrote independently (even if you can't really read it) and M should achieve a level 2a, the writing was so good - paragraphs, a range of punctuation including speech marks and exclamation marks and excellent spelling.
And Rapidly Improving Little Girl has improved even further recently! She's done amazingly well this year.
So it was stickers and claps all round before home time.

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