Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday evening

First day of the week and I'm worn out. I don't know why - it's been an ordinary day for me today, apart from my class being taught by one of the candidates, meaning I had half an hour to catch up with some SEN paperwork, a very welcome opportunity indeed. At lunchtime we all had to be polite to the four candidates who came today, over lunch in the staffroom. I was a Good Girl and resisted some delicious looking squashy sandwiches but simply couldn't resist the fruit. Grapes and fresh pineapple, which was absolutely delicious. Hope there's more tomorrow.

Ah, yes, tomorrow. Mandy (KS2 coordinator) was out of her class today to do the necessary with the interviews. I will be doing the same tomorrow instead of SEN. So that's greeting each candidate, answering questions, making sure they have all the resources they need, getting them coffee/tea, etc, taking them to the class they are going to teach, introducing them to the teacher, coming back 5 mins later to observe, with Susannah and Natalie. Then escorting them to the head's room for the formal interview, collecting them half an hour later, taking them to the cookery room where they have their written task. Then . . . Oh, you get the idea - and it's all four times. No wonder Mandy looked tired at the end of the day!

And then a decision has to be made - and that, I suspect, will be very hard and may take us way beyond normal home time. Three of the four candidates today were very strong in their different ways.
Oh, well, it keeps us all out of mischief!

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