Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday morning

Start of half term. No need to get up early. So what happens - I am wide awake at 1:30! Not that it really mattered this time - I came down, did some computer stuff, went back up when I felt tired again and dropped back off to sleep. I finally woke to the aroma of part baked bread which is now making the house smell wonderful. Less than half an hour till it's all finished.

Oh, they were lively yesterday, so lively! It was, unfortunately, a non-uniform day, in exchange for various donations for the June Fair. It was like sitting on top of a mini volcano all day and I'm very glad I didn't have to make them do any serious work. The quiz went down a real treat and they enjoyed the ICT work, creating symmetrical pictures, using Dazzle. It was a bit of a rush for Liz and me as we also had to finish two displays, one being the big board behind the secretary's area and the other our share of the art boards opposite the head's room. So one way or another we were kept busy all day!

Today will be a bit busy too, I think. Apart from the token bit of report writing, I have two beds to get ready, some shopping to do and also some baking/cooking. Now I'm off Bodychef for four days I'm seizing the opportunity to spend a bit more time in the kitchen. DG told me what he wants to learn how to cook this time: a roast dinner (with roast potatoes, please, Nan). So that's Sunday's dinner sorted. We decided on pork so I wonder if I can get just a small joint of some kind. I'll have to scrutinise the meat counter and see what they can do for me there.

DD and I have decided that we don't get enough ice cream. At least, that's the only reason I can think of for what we said we would do. The 'big' piece of equipment I will be taking with me on holiday will be my ice cream maker and we're going to make a different ice cream each day, yum yum! I thought I'd start breaking the poor thing in gently tonight by making a recipe I found for 'old fashioned vanilla ice cream'.

Funnily enough, when you google 'low calorie ice cream' not a lot comes up - I wonder why! I did find a few recipes, filled with yucky stuff like Splenda, which I can't stand, substitute ingredients I don't actually recognise (I think they must be available in the USA) and so on. I reckon something as contradictory as low calorie ice cream ought to be illegal. I'd rather have the real stuff but less of it. So tonight it's vanilla ice cream made with condensed milk maybe the toffee kind (oooh-er), single cream, creme fraiche and vanilla essence.
Apart from the occasion blip as above, I'm going to try to keep more or less on the straight and narrow and will probably be pouring out my woes in here through the weekend. Sorry, gentle readers, I apologise in advance!

So today's NotBodychef is:
B: Beans on toast
L: Chickpea and tomato pate with ryvita; small salad; fruit platter
D: Herbed turkey meatballs in a rich tomato sauce; pasta; vanilla ic e cream with strawberry sauce.
Snacks: can I manage without any? Who knows? If I can't it will be Brazil nuts and dried fruit.

The pate, the meatballs and sauce and the bread will all be home made, as will the falafels I will make for DD instead of the meatballs, as she is vegetarian. I'd also like to make an orange loaf cake if I have time.
Some of these will be from foody mags so I guess you could say I'm having a F M C catchup! It's a good excuse for a bit of fun with delicious results

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