Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday morning

I am glad, glad, glad (to quote Pollyanna) that we only have inflatables once a year! There's absolutely no way we could have got any serious work done in the afternoon! I sat with the most needy group as they finished off some work and we were constantly interrupted by a running commentary of everything that was happening on the school field. I reckon the workmen couldn't even blink without me being told!

Afternoon playtime for the infants was funny. We decided that we would let them out but that they MUST stay on the top playground only (for safety reasons - there were some lorries about) So, of course, they were six deep at the edge of the playground watching all that was going on. Actually they were very good indeed - not one child even tried to break the bounds and get closer, tempting though it much have been.

Today they will be feeling the after effects. The candy floss, burgers, hot dogs and ice cream will likely have made them disinclined to sleep at their normal time, despite the exercise, and today they will be hung over (from excess carbs) and tired as a result. I'm very glad I decided not to do the unaided writing today!

Talking of excess carbs, it's back to the premier plan over the weekend!
B: shreddies with sultanas; apple
L: cheese, ham and pickle sandwich; cherry tomatoes; yogurt
D: paella (basically a nice, savoury rice); salad; trifle
Snacks are pumpkin seeds, walnuts and dates

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