Friday, 23 April 2010

When on a diet . . .

. . . one can get a little obsessive about food. Well, I can anyway, and it's been my downfall on many an occasion. And when I'm deprived of food that is rightfully mine, feet can stamp and rattles can fly out of highchairs - internally, anyway!

Today I was pleased that lunch was a ham, cheese and pickle sandwich with cherry tomatoes and then a yogurt. I love ham, cheese and pickle! I made the sandwich up oh so carefully, wrapped it well and tucked it away in my bad together with the yogurt and tomatoes.
Come 12:00, I beetled over to my bag and . . . no sandwich. The tomatoes were there, the yogurt was there (and very nice they were too) but no sandwich. Cursing myself for leaving at home, I made do with yogurt and tomatoes and promised myself I would eat it at home as a snack after school.
Home I came - but no sandwich. I have no idea where that blessed sandwich has got to, no idea at all. I suppose my nose will tell me in due course though.

I suppose it's poetic justice really. DD, DG, DS and partner are meeting me down the Flyer for lunch tomorrow for a little birthday celebration. Looks like I've paid back in advance.
Ho hum!!!

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