Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday evening

And another good day.
Best news first - one of our teachers was stuck in Moscow airport - actually stuck in as the plane landed there either as a stop or because it was grounded. As she had no visa or anything, she had to stay within the airport itself. Apparently it was dire. However, she's home now and we now look forward to hearing that all the others are also safely home.

Another piece of good news - I have a new boy who has settled in to the manner born. A lovely laddie who tries hard, gets on well with the others and seems happy enough. No particularly awkward corners as far as I can tell. It can be difficult for a child coming into an established community, so I'm glad this seems to be going well.

And thirdly, I installed and tried out a new piece of hardware today - a visualiser. It picks up images and transmits them to the PC and thus onto the interactive white board. It zooms in and out, takes videos and photos, places images straight into Smart Board and is generally a very useful piece of equipment. I will be using it tomorrow to show the children close large views of how the cress seeds are growing - a bit like using a magnifying glass but everyone can see it at once. I can see Liz and I will be arguing over who has it first! :0)

And as for Bodychef, still yummy although I'm feeling pretty hungry now. Dinners cooking so not long to wait. Two days down!

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