Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tuesday morning

I blame the volcanic ash. Well, there's got to be something in the air. Yesterday the children were high as kites almost all day. It wasn't just my class, Liz said the same thing. And they were SO noisy coming into assembly, that they have to practise it again at playtime today - should have been yesterday play but the Foundation Stage Violins (yes, you did read that correctly) use the hall during Monday play. That's not just my class, it's the whole of FS and KS1.
Yesterday afternoon, while groups were taking turns to plant their bean seeds, I had to stop the rest four times - FOUR - because they were so noisy. That's not like my class at all! Most unusual.

Ah, well, today is SEN day and, as everyone is back now, all the PPA times are also back. Important Paperwork, a visit from the Educational Psychologist - lovely lady - and some reviewing of FS children are all on the timetable today. Let's hope the little dears behave for Faith!

Food today is as follows:
Brekkie: Bran flakes and sultanas (and some left over raspberries)
Lunch: Ryvita, soft cheese, beetroot and a yogurt
Dinner: Turkey loaf with cranberry sauce, new potatoes and sweetcorn, followed by a fruit fool
Snacks are a piece of fruit and rice cakes with marmite (should be jam but I prefer marmite - DG has the little portions of jam for his sandwich lunches at school).
Not the most adventurous of menus, I guess, but it all looks tasty.

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