Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tuesday morning

So sorry about yesterday. In the morning I didn't have anything to write about really and by the evening I was so tired I had an early night.

Yesterday was interesting. It turned out that we have four teaching staff stuck elsewhere (out of a teaching staff on 14) so Faith was commandeered to take one of the classes for the week. I thought that meant no PPA and no SEN time, but they've sorted something out - reduced for everyone, but much better than nothing! We had an 'emergency' staff meeting after school to discuss it, reorganise duties, etc, then an 'emergency' senior management meeting after that. And there was me hoping to get home a bit earlier than usual, having worked through lunch time to get my marking done. Ho hum!
I don't know how things are going to work out if our missing colleagues can't get home this week though. It's costing the school a horrendous amount to provide four supply covers and , if we had to continue for long, it would pretty well wipe us out. The budget is perfectly adequate nowadays, but certainly does not allow for emergencies like this. Of course, Easter is the time when teachers go away: the weather is better and it's a lot cheaper than the summer.
The LEA were most helpful (not) when the head phoned. They suggested we stop paying the missing teachers! Wonderful. Not only do they have a lot of extra expense that they couldn't possibly have budgeted for, we also stop paying them so they can't pay for this extra outlay! How helpful!
I wonder how many schools across the country are affected like this and how severely!

On a brighter note, the Bodychef stuff arrived yesterday evening. Very exciting! As well packed as I remember from before and it all looks fresh and delicious - I've never seen such a huge apple! It's supposed to click in this evening but, as it was delivered yesterday evening and the next hamper will come Thursday evening, the Friday meals will be fine for today. So that's bran flakes and dried fruit for brekkie, tuna tortilla wrap with a salad and then a kiwi fruit for lunch and chicken fricassee with carrots and new potatoes followed by a trifle for dinner. Snacks are a pear (or an apple if the pear isn't ready yet), sunflower seeds and cashew nuts.
The only problem is the kiwi - they seem to upset my tum and I should have said when I ordered because they would have substituted quite happily. I'll have an apple instead.
And all those useful plastic containers - they're wonderful!

Today is SEN day and I count myself lucky to have the morning. Sheila and I usually both have the day out but as Faith is teaching another class, I thought I wouldn't get it. However, S and I are sharing her usual cover so I'm having the morning and she's having the afternoon. I'm so pleased - there's some Annual Review paperwork to write and this is usually my job. I'm sure Sheila would have done it, but she didn't look too sure when I mentioned it to her yesterday and I think she was pleased to hand the job back again.

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