Thursday, 29 April 2010

Thursday morning

. . . and, thank goodness, I slept until a reasonable time (reasonable for me anyway) this morning and do feel a whole lot better for it. These early mornings are all very well, one gets a lot done, but the repercussions in the afternoon are not worth it. Trying to stay awake in staff meeting can be interesting, to say the least, when everything within you is crying out for a nice comfy bed and some plump pillows!

And then back to another FirstClass 'issue', created by one somewhat unpleasant and, possibly, careless message sent by one person. It's all rather blown up off FC now, which is causing some difficulties, but the way people are pulling together and being supportive is heartwarming and encouraging and shows the very best of the FC network.

As for today, I find that I am off to an unexpected SEN meeting thingy called by our Local Delivery Group. I think that normally the Head would go, but she finds herself unexpectedly busy, so I'm going instead, despite the need to pay for yet more supply cover. I have no idea what it's all about apart from something inclusion-y but will be told soon enough, I expect.
Susannah is so busy because before Easter we advertised for two teachers to full gaps in the staff come September and we have been totally bowled over by the response, which was utterly and completely unexpected. For example, yesterday Susannah showed three groups of potential candidates around, each group numbering at least six. And that's been happening more or less every day this week and last.
As one of the posts will involve working alongside me as the other year 1 teacher, and as I am KS coordinator, I will be involved in shortlisting and interviewing, so I eye these groups up with more than the usual passing interest as they meander past, but it's impossible to remember anyone! Should be fun . . .!

With all this going on, eating a good, balanced diet is essential (I have to find a link to BC somehow!) so here's today's chomping:
Brekkie: A toasted muffin with jam and some fruit
Lunch: A ham and salad wrap and some grapes
Dinner: Spaghetti bolognaise and a trifle for dessert
Shacks are sunflower seeds and an orange. There's also a couple of jaffa cakes but I will give them a miss and substitute fruit for brekkie because I don't think just a muffin is enough really!
It will be a new month on Saturday and I will be weighing to see how much weight has gone since being on BodyChef. they way my clothes feel is an good indication that some has gone. And then it's off to Letchworth and dinner out with Mum and Dad before going to see the Arcadians' latest show. That will mean two BC dinners for the freezer (steak mince casserole and rich rosemary chicken) and a lot of bits and bobs for DD and DG to help me use up! I could and perhaps should have cancelled this weekend's delivery, but in the end I decided to keep on with it and to share out things I'm not using immediately. I'll be having DG to stay over the Whit weekend so I will give that delivery a miss and can use up the dinners then.

With just a few reservations, I think I will be happy to continue using BodyChef for a longer period of time, although the bottom line will be how the finances stand up to the strain. At present, I am starting to realise how much I went into Morrisons almost every day for stuff that really I didn't need at all. I strongly suspect that actually I will be better off, despite the expense of the hampers, but will need a couple of months to truly judge that. The reservations are really slight niggles and can be got round by using a little flexibility. For example, with the snacks, fruit, nuts and seeds are great, but I'm not so keen on the jaffa cakes, gingernuts, etc. I love them, that's the trouble, they set off a wee bit of a craving at the moment and I'd rather stick to the unrefined stuff for snacks. If I can substitute (which I can, using Weight Loss Resources to determine the calories) nuts, seeds and fruit for them, DG can have the unwanted stuff for his lunchboxes. It should work fine. One can, of course, order the hampers without snacks, but they cost the same as those with, so there's not much point really! I'd rather have the snacks and the flexibility!
Goodness, I have gone on rather. That's the trouble with thinking! And now I have to go and toast that muffin!

Have a good day

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