Thursday, 15 April 2010

Thursday morning

Another day of doing 'stuff'. More cleaning, sorting (linen cupboard today), tidying, a bit of cooking, a bit of shopping for things I forgot to put on my list (Morrisons is just too darn convenient: it leads to carelessness) and getting ready for tomorrow evening when Jackie and Lesley are coming round for a meal. We're doing it the sharing way - Lesley is bringing the starter and nibbles, Jackie is bringing the main course and I'm doing dessert. Lots of giggles and chat and catching up. Should be great fun and I'm looking forward to it very much.

I was hunting through my collection of recipes for the particular one I want to do tomorrow (Raymond Blanc's chocolate mousse) when I found another recipe which I used to make and which is lower calorie. It's also actually quite nice and I shall make it for dinner tonight.
You need 1/3 of a sachet of sugar free orange jelly crystals, 60ml boiling water, 40g low fat natural yogurt (I use 0% Total), some Options (or other) choccy orange drink powder and some mandarin segments, some chopped into bits and a few to garnish.
Firstly you make up the jelly with the boiling water, stir well and leave to cool and just start to set. If you put it in the fridge, it takes under an hour.
In a large bowl (because it splashes), whisk the just setting jelly, the yogurt and the orange drink powder on high until smooth and airy and about twice the original volume. Stir in the orange bits, pour into a dessert dish and chill until well set. Garnish with the remaining orange segments and you could add some curls of chocolate, etc.
This works with various combinations of jelly and choccy drink. Lemon or strawberry and white choccy is nice, or use a flavoured yogurt.

For the rest, it's Smoked peppered mackerel and tomatoes for breakfast, ham salad for lunch and something stir fry-ish fry for dinner, with the mousse for afters.

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