Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thursday evening . . .

. . . and the time is just speeding past! One more day and it's the weekend yet again.

Today was another lovely day. I keep reminding myself to relish and appreciate each lovely day this year. Sandwiched between last year's pretty challenging class and next year's even more challenging class, I really need to make the most of the moments as they fly this year.
It was one of those little golden moments this afternoon. The weather has been glorious and we got out for out games lesson for the first time in weeks and weeks. It was bats and balls and the children were enjoying themselves so much, doing so well, that I just stood watching them for a while with a warm, happy feeling wafting over me. Nothing special, just one of those little perfect, golden times.
To finish it off nicely, the Bodychef meal this evening is savoury crumble, broccoli and cabbage followed by a rather titchy cube of sticky toffee pud: some of my favourite foods there. There's a tiny little carton of cream but I'm going to make some low fat custard - just a little bit - instead.

But to bring me down to earth with a bang - must get going on those reports!!

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