Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday morning

To carry on the lavender theme, here's a tip.
I don't use the steam function on my iron much - I find that every now and again it throws a wobbly and sends out manky scaly stuff. Yes, I should clean it out and yes, I should use the proper water, but I've lost the instructions and don't remember how to. Anyway, I use one of those plant mister bottles from B&Q to spray the dry clothes when necessary and in the water I like to add a few drops of lavender oil. It only takes a few drops, but it smells lovely and makes the clothes smell good too. I read somewhere that someone always used a few drops of Chanel 5. Now there's an idea!!

The rest of yesterday was lazy and pleasant. It was obviously that sort of birthday because later on a friend turned up with an oval rush basket which was filled with healthy goodies - grapes, strawberries, raspberries, other fruit, some ready to eat dried fruit snack and under all that a mini bottle of wine and a tiny box of Thornton's choccies. All of that was covered by a bunch of flowers. Lucky me, thank you so very much, Lesley!
I'm afraid Bodychef went to the wall yesterday, what with the lunch, the choccies and the wine. But I don't care! Bandwagons and birthdays don't mix, but I'm back on it today!

Wasn't Doctor Who good? Goodness, the tension was unrelenting at times. I can't wait until next week. I think we should all be worried - after all, we've all looked a Weeping Angel in the eyes at some point!

And then up to bed to sleep under a pretty, new quilt cover. What a lovely day!

On to Sunday: a nice day's eating.
Breakfast: Muffin (the English variety) and fruit
Dinner: Beef goulash with cauliflower, potatoes and a yogurt and mint dressing for the potatoes, followed by summer fruit crumble.
Tea: Chicken paste, pitta bread, salad and then fruit again. I have a lot of fruit to eat but I'm sure DD and DG will help me when they come for Sunday Tea as usual. Maybe I should knock up a fruit salad - yes, I think I will.
Annabeth, the fruit is an extra as there's very little built into today's menu and also it needs eating.

Photo: An edit of one of the dandelion flowers - it looks a bit like a splash of yellow paint!
Edited to add - I'm just off to have a lavender foam bath - lovely!

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